Fixing AMPPS issues with Windows 10


What is AMPPS? It’s cross platform AMP (Apache, MySQL, PHP) Stack. You can call it WAMP, LAMP, MAMP in one with some additions. Yeah, It’s comes with MongoDB, Python, Pearl, Softaculous and about 443 installable Apps. AMPPS comes with Admin dashboard to manage your installations Virtual Hosts and many more configurations. It also has a GUI Application to turn on/off services and change PHP versions and some other settings too. You can download installer for your platform and good to start your developement.

So why is this article then?

It’s was easy with Windows olders versions and was easy in My MacBook too. But I had to use Windows 10 PC for recent project. So I had to setup my developer enviornment and I installed AMPPS. But I had to face some isses and this is work though of them so that you will be able to start smoothly.

Isses I had encountered

For now I have encounted few isses and I will explain them and put the solution I found for them. Please comment you solutions too.

So bit info about the enviroment.

I’m using

  • AMPPS 3.8 Fresh Installation
  • Windows 10 Fresh Installation

MySQL is not starting after installing AMPPS in Windows 10

So problem was when I start AMPPS Apache works fine and Starts but MySQL doesn’t start.


Download and install Visual C++ 2010 Runtime 32bit and 64bit from following links.

MongoDB is not in list of servies of AMPPS GUI

There was no MongoDB service to turn on/off after the fresh install.


To reduce the installer package of AMPPS they have moved addional services as Apps to be installed from AMPPS dashboard.

Follow this guide to install MongoDB in AMPPS.

MongoDB is not starting after installing AMPPS in Windows 10

As first issue when I installed MongoDB App from AMPPS Dashboard MongoDB service also not starting and there is no error in error log too.

When I double clicked on Mongod.exe it came up with VCRUNTIME140.dll missing error.


It’s seems Visual C++ Runtime is missing. Download and Install Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable from following link.

Do you encounted more isses in Windows 10 when using AMPPS? Please comment below!

If you found solution for your AMPPS issues in Windows 10? Give a shout out!

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