BDApps Introduction is the newest child to Telco platforms. It’s from Axiata Group’s Bangladesh Telcom company ‘Robi‘. The platform is powered by hSenid Mobile TAP. Since I have more than three years of experience with hSenid API. Thought of contribute back to Bangladesh people.

I was not pretty interested in creating Telco applications I did since some of my clients wanted telco apps. Why apps for feature phone when smartphone there with good UX? But since I took part in TADHack 2014 organized by hSenid Mobile and Ideamart as a satellite event made me change my mind. I gathered few guys to create an Ideamart (Dialog Axiata’s Telco platform) application for my idea which was a solution for a problem to people who use public transportation everyday. My team did not succeed at TADHack.

TADHack 2014 : Chathu presenting WEET

But we reorganized and rewrite the app in a new way and participated in NBQSA 2014 (National ICT Awards). We won a Silver award for that application : WEET.

NBQSA 2014 : WEET won Silver Award

So that was how I got fueled in to Telco application world. Now I develop applications for innovators to bring their ideas live. I develop applications, fine tune their ideas, guide them to improve their business.

So Let get to intro.

What is actually a Telco application?

Telco application are applications that uses specific telco provider’s infrastructure to provide services. It normally use telco provided services SMS and USSD as interface to customers.

So whats cool about this?

Not like other mobile applications this wont depends on the mobile platform (Android,iOS or Symbian). Since SMS and USSD is supports even in cheap feature phones also this opens up to big audience.

Some telcos may provide charging money from telco account or Add to bill and Location based services to get location of the mobile using some algorithms that triangulate tower locations and signal strengths.

What is hSenid Mobile TAP (Telco Application Platform)?

hSenid Mobile Telco Application platform will expose telco providers above mentioned services via API to developers and comes with Application Provision module, some reporting module, quick application wizard and app store module.

hSenid TAP API is a Restful web service.

What is BDApps ?

BDApps uses hSenid TAP to expose Robi telco services including SMS, USSD and CAAS (Charging as a Service). BDApps has BDApps Lite and BDApps Pro application development method. Latter need development skills and other don’t.

Got interest? To develop any of BDApp you need to have a BDApps developer account.

To create BDApps account there is a guide on How to create a developer account.

How to create BDApps Lite applications are available in

Next post will give more information about BDApps Pro Application Development.

Update (10/08/2017)

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Disclaimer : I’m not affiliated with Robi, BDApps, hSenid Mobile or any of their Subsidiaries.

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